I am so proud of Viva Thumbs and the feedback it is getting from users. What makes it special is that it was one of those projects that started out as private solution to help my Grandad update the family blog without having to get ‘technical’  8 weeks later it is being used from New Zealand to The Netherlands, Thailand to Talahassee. The flip side is of course finding enough hours to support the relatively unplanned success of the new plugin but so far I think we’re just about on top of it.

Version 4.1 was released today and I think will be almost final as VT now caters for most eventualities! Cutting out the hassle of custom fields on magazine style themes such as Revolution, Mimbo and Unstandard is clearly something the blogging community need!

Other than maybe a few tweaks to the code between here and v5.0 I hope 4.1 is a stable release version that allows users the flexibilty of assigning an image directory of their choice instead of being limited to the defualt WP uploads folder.

Now I must find time to get back to Viva Thumb-Zoom (as used in Beta on our homepage). Another enhancement to the flat WP format fortified with the power of Viva and queued to be the lucky 7th plugin in the Viva range.

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