Anyone who uses Wordpress will tell you that they don’t understand why WP insists on stripping out line breaks in post content.

You format your page using the Visual editor and it all looks great with a nice neat line between each paragraph. After all, wherever you want a paragraph break you hit the RETURN key and it looks just the way you want it.

But Wordpress doesn’t agree! You publish your post and BAM - all your line breaks disappear!! What’s that all about?!

Well, not any more. Introducing the latest Viva Plugin - Viva Line breaks. Restoring your freedom to have line breaks where you want them! Viva line breaks just adds a break point back in after every closing paragraph tag so your content looks the way you see it in the Visual Editor!

Download it here: HERE 542 B - 412 downloads to date

5 Responses to “New Line Break Plugin”
  1. [...] First and foremost, the line spacing/breaks problem that I could not get rid of. Some of you will recall that my posts looked like big blobs of text. Hard on the eyes and unpleasant to read. I wouldn’t read them-they were driving me nuts. Anyway, I found a plugin that ads an extra line after each paragraph to fix the problem. The plugin can be found here. [...]

  2. thanks for the simple yet incredibly useful plugin. saved us big headaches :)

  3. Thank you so much for this fix!!!

  4. My only problem is when I am creating copy on sites that require a move to the next line, I am getting a HUGE space using this plugin. I am sure there is a fix, but I have not found it yet. Is there a soft break option I am not aware of?

  5. nah, doesn’t work, waste of time.

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