It's almost here - the latest and greatest Magazine Theme update EVER!!

Viva7 v1.2

Viva7 1.2 is almost out and while most of the front end fixes are minor housekeeping the new backend and file structure of Viva 7 v1.2 is actually such a major rewrite of the theme that it should have been released as v2.0.

As well as a totally transformed backend that neatly arranges the Theme Options under tabs and sub-tabs, v1.2 introduces a smart dashboard that enables you to quickly look up your Category and Post IDs when configuring the Homepage.

Adding extra sections is also a breeze now. If the 7 homepage sections (plus one optional sidebar content section via the V7 Content Widget) is not enough fo you then simply set some variables in a template file, save it to yout theme folder with a unique name and add the file name into yout Theme Options page. Done! A whole new section is added to your homepage with NO code editing!!

Event Management continues to improve with the new Events Page Template that allows you to create a dynamic Events page for your blog with nothing more than a little variable setting at the top of template files.

Every piece of the Sidebar is WIdget-ized now including the Quick Links, Adsense and Feedburner boxes, offering true sidebar customisation along with homepage customisation - ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THEME CODE. (Sorry, didn’t mean to shout - I am just so damn excited!!)

As if that’s not enough the new file structure has cut the loading time of the theme by 50% through intelligent querying and tiny file sizes.

Viva7 is growing up fast and we are confident that it is, without a doubt, the ‘Smartest’ Magazine Theme out there.

Version 1.2 is officially on release from September 1st. Exisiting users who would like an early release to test please email me or use the Contact Us page on this site.

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