Say Goodbye To Cpation Woes

Say Goodbye To Caption Woes

Yes - anyone with a Wordpress Magazine theme that has been using the Limit Posts plugin is caught between loving the new caption feature in WP 2.6 and cursing the fact that the caption is getting printed in the homepage excerpt generated by the Limit_Posts plugin.

Well - help is at hand.  Having solved the problem for the new Viva7 theme we are bowing to the pressure of multiple pleas for help and releasing this as Free Download to put you out of your caption misery.

Change the_content_limit(); function in your theme code to viva_content_limit(); and you are good to go!

The plugin also includes an extra variable that preserves line breaks in the trimmed code - so your text doesn’t become one big chunk of words that is hard to read. (Works great with our recent Viva Line Breaks plugin that stops Wordpress from stripping out the line breaks you see in the Visual Editor.)

You can donwload the Viva_Content_Trimmer plugin here. 1.6 kB - 392 downloads so far.

7 Responses to “New Limit Posts Plugin (Cuts WP Caption)”
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  2. Yahooooo

  3. I keep on getting

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function viva_content_trimmer()”

    any ideas?

  4. Use viva_content_limit() as the function call.

    Eg. < ?php viva_content_limit(250,true); ?> sets a limit of 250 characters and retains line breaks.

  5. Great help removing image captions, thanks for the plugin. I do have a problem with bullets showing up for lists though. Is there something I can do to strip those out? The spacing isn’t happening, just the bullets are showing up and it looks buggy/crazy since there are random thick black dots on the home page, lol. Here’s the code I’m using:


  6. The bullets are put in to demarcate lists even when the lines are gone. You can remove them too. Open the plugin file and look on line 68

    “[br]\$0″, “& #8226;& #32;\$0″,

    Change it to

    “[br]\$0″, “& #32;\$0″,

    I.e. - Delete the & #8226;

    NB - I have added an extra space after the & symbol in the above code to prevent the page turning them into characters. Don’t copy and paste this change in the plugin file. Just manually delete the few characters mentioned above.

  7. Tim that works perfectly for me now, thanks so much for your help :).

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