I am pleased to report that we have tested all the Viva plugins and themes on the latest release of WP 2.7 (RC2) today and all are working fine. There is a small issue with the logout button on the Viva Menu bar in Viva7 theme but the fix is on the Support Forum for those who can’t wait for the 1.3 update at the end of this month. We will release plugin updates by the end of the month that tweak a few layout issues in the new Wordpress backend but there is nothing major and all plugin features and admin panels should continue to work fine under 2.3 - 2.7.

No other reported problems with Viva Thumbs, Zoom, Carousels or Viva7. If you do notice anything funny please add a post on the support forum with a link to your site or try re-installing the plugin. (A number of users are deleting the show_image files that Viva uses in the blog root when upgrading to 2.7 - DON’T DO THIS!!)

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  2. what about 2.8?

  3. I m having difficulty with Viva Thumbs Zoom in WP 2.8.4, have there been any bugs reported as of yet? I can’t seem to get my inserted images to not repeat, displaying two of the same image. Anything like that been reported yet? To see what I mean check out http://elitedance.com/blog/?p=346

  4. Yes - Viva works fine in 2.8 although some people are finding with 2.8+ that Wordpress is not correctly attaching images to the posts unless you save the Post as a draft before uploading images. This is not a Viva issue but a Wordpress 2.8 issue and hopefully will be resolved in future updates. If you upload an image to a post in 2.8+ and viva does not generate a thumbnail check from the Image library that the uploaded image has indeed been ‘attached’ to the post - and if not use the Attach feature.

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