Ever wanted to be able to control what header information was added to every post or page you publish in your Wordpress blog. Maybe you want to add noindex or nofollow robots meta info to a specific page so it doesn’t get listed int he search engines. Maybe you need to add specific javascript to a page header so that the content you include in the page body will work correctly. Or you just want to add some custom CSS to a specific page?

Whatever your needs for customizing per page or per post header meta, the new FREE plugin from Viva allows you to do it with simple custom fields.

Use custom fields to add No Index - Nofollow - Page Redirect Meta tags and Javascript Headers to individual WP posts and pages.

Download Viva Custom Headers Plugin here
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Activate the plugin and then add the required Custom Filed Key/Value on a post or page.

1) ROBOTS-> Add custom field with KEY: robots and VALUE: ni, nf or ninf for No Index, No Follow or No Index & No Follow.

2) REDIRECT -> Use KEY: refresh and Value: complete URL to redirect to.

3) JAVASCRIPT HEADERS or CSS -> KEY: jscript VALUE: The jscript code with full url to external js files if needed.

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