Custom Applications

Our Software Design Team focus on two key areas of development that cover 99% of all small business needs. Offline Applications and Online Websites.

Database driven application design running on Microsoft Access
The MS Office suite is perhaps the most widely used software in the world. Access, the database tool in the suite is often neglected by individual and business users because it is more complex and intimidating to use. Every business runs on data but few businesses effectively consolidate and automate that data.

We have extensive ACCESS knowledge and can build custom applications for any type of business workflow or data management including Stock Control, Invoicing, Finance Management, Workflow management, Inventory Management.

If you currently manage your business on a collection of excel sheets and Word Docs then our Custom Access Application design could transform your business.

Some of our current clients have deployed Access driven DB applications as follows:

Box Office Application for theatre - allows ticket booking management and incorporates Season Ticket holder management, email confirmation sending and report generation.

Publishing House Mid Office - Handles all financial accounting and manages user subscriptions including printing of renewal letters, emailing of updates and inventory tracking.

Travel Company Ticket Tracking Application - Enables complex tracking of incoming ticket requests, provides error checking and real time statistics and reports

Holiday Company - Generates printable flyers based on destination data , manages hotel availability, pricing and subscriber base and auto sends emails to users.

To talk to us about how Wordpress can transform your offline business through automation and data management please conact us.