Web Presence

Database driven, Content Management Website design running on Wordpress.

Wordpress is arguably the most robust, secure and Search Engine friendly Content Management platform available today. It is a free open source program that installs on a web server in minutes and can get you online instantly.

The secret to using Wordpress as the backend for a business website is having a GREAT custom designed Wordpress Theme that highlights your content and helps automate your business - serving your clients needs.

Mediatricks has been working on Wordpress for many years and is one of the leading players in custom theme and plugin design, pushing the boundaries of what some still think of as a blogging tool to turn it into a full feature Business Web environment at a fraction of the cost.

Some of our existing clients include:

A Farm Shop that incorporates an online Shopping Cart of fresh produce.
A Life Coach that works with clients through the web to help them achieve their potential
A site for Schools that allows pupils to stay informed of all the activities the school offers and upload their own stories and feedback

…and many more.

To find out how easily you can get your business online, with your own domain name, custom email addresses and a custom designed web site - for a lot less than you think - please Contact Us.