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Plugin To Add Post/Page Header Info

Ever wanted to be able to control what header information was added to every post or page you publish in your Wordpress blog. Maybe you want to add noindex or nofollow robots meta info to a specific page so it doesn’t get listed int he search engines. Maybe you need to add specific javascript to a page header so that the content you include in the page body will work correctly. Or you just want to add some custom CSS to a specific page? Whatever your needs for customizing per page or per post... [More]


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Totally Digging It!

A new must have plugin for anyone preparing for the new look WP 2.7 is the funk-abulous Leopard Admin from Teddy Hwang. As we all wait for the (expected) November release of WP 2.7 - that promises to revitalize the Backend and Dashboard, adding a left side Menu bar - why not try out this plugin which does it for you. It really... [More]


No.1 Password Manager

I am drowning in passwords and password reset requests. More and more websites are now forcing you to change your password every month or so and all in all it is just getting too much for my little old brain! So - today, on the recommendation of TWIT (This Week In Tech) I checked out RoboForm and must say I have not been this impressed with a piece... [More]



I use Clickbank because I have to. Paypal still wont allow users here to RECEIVE funds! It’s OK. But I hate the limitations of fixed thank you pages per product. E-Junkie changed that a little bit. Since signing up with E-Junkie last month I have been generally impressed with their product and service but I do hate the fact that a) I have to... [More]