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GPL Law Breakers

I work with Wordpress. I build sites for clients, customize plugins and themes, design brand new plugins and themes and this is my business. I make money doing it - and love what I do. All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing Open Source community and freedom that the GPL license provides. Wordpress is published under GPL - which means that any subsequent theme or plugin that relies in whole or part on the Wordpress core must also be published with the same license. One... [More]


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CB-Junkie Update

Work is progressing steadily on CB-Junkie, the new Clickbank sellers interface that allows them to offer their customers discount vouchers, track purchases, marketing campaigns and generally have more user friendly control over their product sale and delivery - including totally secure Thank You pages and product downloads. The discount vouchers and... [More]


Viva Thumbs 4.1 Update

I am so proud of Viva Thumbs and the feedback it is getting from users. What makes it special is that it was one of those projects that started out as private solution to help my Grandad update the family blog without having to get ‘technical’  8 weeks later it is being used from New Zealand to The Netherlands, Thailand to Talahassee. The... [More]


Perfect Poland

Welcome to sunny Warsaw. I have three beautiful days here and before I leave I am determined to launch Viva blogpins to the world! WIth Viva User Pics now on pre-release the run up to the middle of May is going to be another busy season. So if you are waiting for Blogpins - the easiest way to Geo tag your blog  - the wait is almost over!


Wordpress - A New Generation

Spent today setting up a friend’s new business, designing a logo and getting them online. Not bad for one day! Now I am winding down browsing the web and starting to see more and more discussion on Magazine Style WP themes. Having used Revolution as a template starting point for Creative Heads I need no convincing that this is changing the way... [More]


Why use Custom Fields? Viva Power!

I was reading a great tutorial today for Mimbo theme, which is getting more and more press (the free version as well as the paid version) It seems there are still way too many people putting themselves through the hassle of resizing 101 images a week and adding two or more custom fields per post just to manage their homepage images. Aren’t you... [More]