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Viva7 Theme Version 2 Release

Great news! We have completed a comprehensive update and re-write of Viva7 Theme to make it faster, more functional and fully WP 2.7 compliant so the smart theme for Wordpress just got smarter. Existing users can download the latest release from the download link sent by email when you made your purchase. The new download zip includes upgrade as well as new install instructions. The new release includes a host of new and improved functionality including: * Viva7 Plugin vastly improved to increase... [More]


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WP-Ecommerce Shortcodes Plugin

We are releasing a beta version of Viva Shortcodes a smart little add on for the WP-Ecommerce plugin that allows you to call individual store items and a sample collection from a store category from within your posts using handy short codes . It really extends the way you integrate your shopping cart with your wordpress site. From our own experience... [More]


Plugin To Add Post/Page Header Info

Ever wanted to be able to control what header information was added to every post or page you publish in your Wordpress blog. Maybe you want to add noindex or nofollow robots meta info to a specific page so it doesn’t get listed int he search engines. Maybe you need to add specific javascript to a page header so that the content you include in... [More]


Viva is good to go on Wordpress 2.7

I am pleased to report that we have tested all the Viva plugins and themes on the latest release of WP 2.7 (RC2) today and all are working fine. There is a small issue with the logout button on the Viva Menu bar in Viva7 theme but the fix is on the Support Forum for those who can’t wait for the 1.3 update at the end of this month. We will release... [More]


Carousel Plugin Update

Today we updated our Viva Wordpress Carousel Posts and Carousel Gallery Plugins to Version 4.0. The exciting part about this update is that they are now able to be run side by side on the same site allowing you to have a Carousel of images that links to your latest posts on the homepage AND individual Post Page Carousels that scroll all the images uploaded... [More]


MUving On Up!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first two WPMU ready products, Viva Thumbs Pro and Viva7 for the WPMU community. Moving Viva into the multi-user environment was quite a challenge but the results are spectacular. Not only can multi-site users now offer all their bloggers themes that incorporate auto thumbnailing - with Viva7 MU you... [More]


Countdown to Viva7 1.2 Final

Viva7 1.2 is almost out and while most of the front end fixes are minor housekeeping the new backend and file structure of Viva 7 v1.2 is actually such a major rewrite of the theme that it should have been released as v2.0. As well as a totally transformed backend that neatly arranges the Theme Options under tabs and sub-tabs, v1.2 introduces a smart... [More]


New Limit Posts Plugin (Cuts WP Caption)

Yes - anyone with a Wordpress Magazine theme that has been using the Limit Posts plugin is caught between loving the new caption feature in WP 2.6 and cursing the fact that the caption is getting printed in the homepage excerpt generated by the Limit_Posts plugin. Well - help is at hand.  Having solved the problem for the new Viva7 theme we are... [More]


New Line Break Plugin

Anyone who uses Wordpress will tell you that they don’t understand why WP insists on stripping out line breaks in post content. You format your page using the Visual editor and it all looks great with a nice neat line between each paragraph. After all, wherever you want a paragraph break you hit the RETURN key and it looks just the way you want... [More]


Viva7 Version 1.1 Release

The Viva7 theme is going great guns and really is setting out to create  a new Wordpress revolution. Version 1.1 was officially released today with a bunch of great updates based on user feedback and suggestions. I can’t wait to see where this theme is going to go next… Oh, that reminds me. I am already starting plans for a monthly Scheme, (starting... [More]

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