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WP-Ecommerce Shortcodes Plugin

We are releasing a beta version of Viva Shortcodes a smart little add on for the WP-Ecommerce plugin that allows you to call individual store items and a sample collection from a store category from within your posts using handy short codes . It really extends the way you integrate your shopping cart with your wordpress site. From our own experience WP-Ecommerce is rather buggy, to say the least, but it is freely available and, for the most part unencoded (RANT!). The biggest issue we have is that... [More]


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Plugin To Add Post/Page Header Info

Ever wanted to be able to control what header information was added to every post or page you publish in your Wordpress blog. Maybe you want to add noindex or nofollow robots meta info to a specific page so it doesn’t get listed int he search engines. Maybe you need to add specific javascript to a page header so that the content you include in... [More]


Carousel Plugin Update

Today we updated our Viva Wordpress Carousel Posts and Carousel Gallery Plugins to Version 4.0. The exciting part about this update is that they are now able to be run side by side on the same site allowing you to have a Carousel of images that links to your latest posts on the homepage AND individual Post Page Carousels that scroll all the images uploaded... [More]


New Limit Posts Plugin (Cuts WP Caption)

Yes - anyone with a Wordpress Magazine theme that has been using the Limit Posts plugin is caught between loving the new caption feature in WP 2.6 and cursing the fact that the caption is getting printed in the homepage excerpt generated by the Limit_Posts plugin. Well - help is at hand.  Having solved the problem for the new Viva7 theme we are... [More]


New Line Break Plugin

Anyone who uses Wordpress will tell you that they don’t understand why WP insists on stripping out line breaks in post content. You format your page using the Visual editor and it all looks great with a nice neat line between each paragraph. After all, wherever you want a paragraph break you hit the RETURN key and it looks just the way you want... [More]


Viva Thumbs Pro Launched

Viva Thumbs Pro - or as we call it, Viva Zoom - is officially on release as of today. It retains all the stock VIva Thumbs funtionality but adds a truly dynamic turn to your thumbnails. Thumbs that zoom right out of the page into a floating window that can display the image caption and description info. Viva Zoom adds a whole new dimension to your... [More]


Viva Blogpins Now Available

Viva Blogpins is the easiest way to add a dynamic Google Map to your WP blog - the newest plugin in the Mediatricks VIVA range. Write a post, upload your post image and then click the Geo Tagger. A pop up window quickly identifies your lat/lon co-ordinates and allows you to customize them before literally ‘dragging’ them into your post as... [More]


Viva User Pics Released

I have 8 minutes to say so much!!! Why, because I am sat at Frankfurt airport waiting for a flight to Warsaw where I am headed to work with a client for 3 days…. and my hour of paid internet is almost up! So, very quickly -  because I want to get this out there…. VIVA USER PICS CAROUSEL is in pre-release. And for the next 48 hours you... [More]


Viva Thumbs PLUGIN

I was so busy putting together the launch party for Viva Thumbs (formerly Viva La Revolution) that I never updated the blog with news of the release! Viva La Revolution - the toolkit for Revolution Theme users to cut out the need for custom fields attached to every post - blossomed this month into a fully fledged plugin suitable for any wordpress theme.... [More]


Viva Carousel - Gallery Edition Released

On the back of the already hugely popular Wordpress Carousel plugin - Viva Carousel - we have released a variant called Viva Gallery Carousel. The main difference is that the original plugin added your latest posts (with images) to the carousel. GAllery Carousel adds your latest image uploads to the carousel and scrolls through them on our homepage.... [More]

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