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Viva7 Better Than Ever

Great news! We have completed a comprehensive update and re-write of Viva7 Theme to make it faster, more functional and fully WP 2.7 compliant so the smart theme for Wordpress just got smarter.

Existing users can download the latest release from the download link sent by email when you made your purchase. The new download zip includes upgrade as well as new install instructions.

The new release includes a host of new and improved functionality including:

* Viva7 Plugin vastly improved to increase page loading and site speed
* Theme Options page fully translated and offered as .po and .mo file in theme folder for language translations
* Site Welcome field has been removed from Homepage+ tab and replaced with the new 7 box Gridbox (as seen on our homepage)
* Carousel options updated to allow choice of Post carousel Category or holding page for images
* New Category.php that incorporates a Posts Carousel in between 1st and subsequent posts
* New, neater, archives.php page which includes thumbs, excerpts and navigation links
* Viva Menu plugin updated to include new Logout nonce requirement of WP 2.7+
* Comments.php (and header.php) now include support for WP 2.7+ tiered comments
* New Thumbnail Cache Clear button in Homepage+ tab
* Theme Options CSS updated to fix 2.7 mis-alignment errors
* Backup option added to the Theme Settings o create a backup of your theme settings.

You will find the new Viva7 faster and even more fun! Massively customizable from the Dashboard, Viva7 allows you to create the homepage you want without touching a line of code!

For more information check out the demo site here

WP-Ecommerce Shortcodes Plugin Sat, 07 Feb 2009 20:31:39 +0000 Tim We are releasing a beta version of Viva Shortcodes a smart little add on for the WP-Ecommerce plugin that allows you to call individual store items and a sample collection from a store category from within your posts using handy short codes . It really extends the way you integrate your shopping cart with your wordpress site.

From our own experience WP-Ecommerce is rather buggy, to say the least, but it is freely available and, for the most part unencoded (RANT!). The biggest issue we have is that while it handles product management very well within the Pages of the store there is very limited options to add any dynamic content from the shop into other wordpress pages. So,  if I am writing about a product in a post and want to add the Product image, or info or an ADD TO CART button  inside that post, I can’t. And that bugged me! So I fixed it!

So here’s my own little add-on plugin. It isn’t full feature but it does allow you to add content inside a post or page of wordpress with links to an Add to Cart or Buy Now button. So inside a post you can add this:


Add a category snippet with add to art buttons in grid or list view

or a single item detail like this:

Or a single item with description or just Buy Buy Now Button

Or a single item with description or just Buy Buy Now Button

Before we make this an official release plugin we would welcome your feedback if you are using WP-Ecommerce and would like to try it out. Please add your comments below.


You can download the plugin here: HERE (2.3 kB) - 948 downloads to date.

Upload the file to your plugins folder and Activate.


Usage: Add the shortcode into your post or page


[category cat=3 list=4 type=grid]

Variable cat is the category ID you want displayed

Variable list is the number of items from that category to show (good for a teaser row and you can then add a link to the full category page in your WP-Ecommerce store)

Variable type is optional - defaults to full which presents each item with image, title, description, price and Add to Cart button . Options are grid (prints items horizontally across the page) or list (items are printed vertically)


[product id=4 type=full]

Variable id is the product ID number (what a surprise!!)

Variable type is optional - defaults to full which presents each item with image, title, description, price and Add to Cart button .

Variable type can be set to full, cart or buy. The latter two options simply print an Add to Cart or Buy Now button to the page (useful if you are discussing a product in an article and just want to create the link as it would appear in the shop


Unlike the code of WP-Ecommerce where even experienced coders get quite lost, you can edit the plugin file to alter the HTML that is displayed in the page for each shortcode command. ( This is editing the plugin not through a Dashboard page) and for anyone with basic php/html experience this should be possible though is not necessary as the styling for the layout should be pulled from your ship stylesheet.


You can always contact us for custom support on WP-Commerce plugin as we have become really familiar with it over the last few months due to client requests that have included multiple tax levels, automatic shipping options, customizing shop storefront and many more! If you need any help please contact us for a quote.

GPL Law Breakers Fri, 06 Feb 2009 00:38:17 +0000 Tim I work with Wordpress. I build sites for clients, customize plugins and themes, design brand new plugins and themes and this is my business. I make money doing it - and love what I do. All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing Open Source community and freedom that the GPL license provides.

Wordpress is published under GPL - which means that any subsequent theme or plugin that relies in whole or part on the Wordpress core must also be published with the same license. One of the key requirements of that license is that a publisher MUST, upon request, make available the source code to their theme, plugin or wordpress add on in the spirit of the GPL ‘free’ access provision.

“Free”, as I have discussed before, does not mean you cannot charge for such products and many people make a good living from WP these days, myself included. But it really irks me when you come across plugin developers who refuse to abide by the terms of GPL and not only encode their source files, but refuse to provide unencoded files upon request - as they are legally obliged to do. Yes - BY LAW!!!

Such was my experience today with the nice folks at Their response to my polite  request I am copying below to name and shame as I think a company who is so concerned about applying their own COPYRIGHTING, by encoding their files, with utter disregard for the licensing laws that should apply to their ‘add-on’, are hypocritical and unethical. While their membership plugin product is basically good it would benefit from the ability to customize it, as all good Wordpress, and other open source code does.

I am sure Stu McLaren does not care that they have to refund my $97 (overpriced!) purchase - but I strongly believe what I said in my reply, below, that WP premium product developers can still make a good living without contravening the GPL license - as Brian Gardener at Revolution and many other developers, myself included, have proved.


As a web developer working extensively with Wordpress I enjoy the freedom that GPL licensed, open source software allows.

While I understand the need to Zend encode copyrighted files for protection on the internet, under the terms of the GPL license which Wordpress itself is released under, I am legally entitled to request a copy of the source code for the software I have just purchased and would like to extend that request to you.

The GPL license stipulates that any program that relies in whole or part upon another that was originally released under GPL must be released under the same license and a WP plugin includes just that restriction by the license defined on the Wordpress core.

I am not trying to be difficult or jeopardize your work or business. I understand that you are free to charge for copies of your software under GPL, but I would just like to be able to continue to work in the Open Source, GPL licensed environment that Wordpress exists in and therefore request an unencoded copy of the plugin source with GPL license attached.

If you are not willing to provide the above I request that my license fee be refunded.


Tim Waddell”

And the reply!

Stu McLaren (Thursday, February 5 2009 6:53am)


Thank you for your email.

We would be happy to issue you a refund as we will not be making an unencoded copy of the plugin available.

Your refund will be issued over the next couple of days and we will then deactivate your license key.

Take care.

Stu McLaren”

Well, I couldn’t leave it at that. And will be copying this thread to Matt Mullenweg at Wordpress.

Thursday, February 5 2009 5:54pm

“Thanks Stu,

I am a little disappointed that as a business fighting for your own right to assert copyright license on your product you are disregarding the legalities of the license under which your product should, by law, be published. It does feel a bit hypocritical.

As a publisher of Premium Wordpress products the problems of ‘competitive distribution’ has to be expected. It is a given when developing add-ons for a product released as GPL. I know this from first hand experience. The way to ensure our business survives is by giving top notch support on all releases, something that only the original product developers can do - and is worth clients paying you for; while allowing you to stay on the right side of the law.


Tim Waddell”


Plugin To Add Post/Page Header Info Wed, 04 Feb 2009 09:25:44 +0000 Tim Ever wanted to be able to control what header information was added to every post or page you publish in your Wordpress blog. Maybe you want to add noindex or nofollow robots meta info to a specific page so it doesn’t get listed int he search engines. Maybe you need to add specific javascript to a page header so that the content you include in the page body will work correctly. Or you just want to add some custom CSS to a specific page?

Whatever your needs for customizing per page or per post header meta, the new FREE plugin from Viva allows you to do it with simple custom fields.

Use custom fields to add No Index - Nofollow - Page Redirect Meta tags and Javascript Headers to individual WP posts and pages.

Download Viva Custom Headers Plugin here
354 downloads so far.


Activate the plugin and then add the required Custom Filed Key/Value on a post or page.

1) ROBOTS-> Add custom field with KEY: robots and VALUE: ni, nf or ninf for No Index, No Follow or No Index & No Follow.

2) REDIRECT -> Use KEY: refresh and Value: complete URL to redirect to.

3) JAVASCRIPT HEADERS or CSS -> KEY: jscript VALUE: The jscript code with full url to external js files if needed.

Viva is good to go on Wordpress 2.7 Sat, 13 Dec 2008 00:55:10 +0000 Tim I am pleased to report that we have tested all the Viva plugins and themes on the latest release of WP 2.7 (RC2) today and all are working fine. There is a small issue with the logout button on the Viva Menu bar in Viva7 theme but the fix is on the Support Forum for those who can’t wait for the 1.3 update at the end of this month. We will release plugin updates by the end of the month that tweak a few layout issues in the new Wordpress backend but there is nothing major and all plugin features and admin panels should continue to work fine under 2.3 - 2.7.

No other reported problems with Viva Thumbs, Zoom, Carousels or Viva7. If you do notice anything funny please add a post on the support forum with a link to your site or try re-installing the plugin. (A number of users are deleting the show_image files that Viva uses in the blog root when upgrading to 2.7 - DON’T DO THIS!!)

Carousel Plugin Update Mon, 10 Nov 2008 13:16:27 +0000 Tim Today we updated our Viva Wordpress Carousel Posts and Carousel Gallery Plugins to Version 4.0. The exciting part about this update is that they are now able to be run side by side on the same site allowing you to have a Carousel of images that links to your latest posts on the homepage AND individual Post Page Carousels that scroll all the images uploaded with that post.

This was a request that we were seeing from more and more users and so we are stoked to be able to deliver - again!

Each carousel is controlled by its own unique CSS file so you can style them as you like. You could even have both Carousel Posts and Gallery carousels on your homepage. One scrolling through all your media library images and the other linking to posts.

Just another way to make your wordpress site truly three dimensional and cutting edge. Check out the new Carousel pluings on their demo sites:

If you have an earlier version of the carousel plugins and would like to update please contact us using the contact form quoting your Clickbank Receipt number and/or the email address you used for the purchase.

NB - if you have customised your CSS file and wish to upgrade you will need to apply the edits to the new CSS files in the upgraded plugin as some style names have been changed to allow cross compatability.
MUving On Up! Tue, 04 Nov 2008 09:57:56 +0000 Tim Give Everyone the power!

Give Everyone the power!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first two WPMU ready products, Viva Thumbs Pro and Viva7 for the WPMU community.

Moving Viva into the multi-user environment was quite a challenge but the results are spectacular. Not only can multi-site users now offer all their bloggers themes that incorporate auto thumbnailing - with Viva7 MU you can offer your bloggers a full magazine style theme that they can fully customize from the WP dashboard. Each user uses the core theme template (so it’s totally simple to upgrade!) but they can decide exactly what appears where on their homepage thanks to the ‘magical’ Viva7 backend.

Magazine Style wordpress sites are now truly in reach for all WPMU users. Put your WPMU site on auto-pilot today:

Viva Thumbs for WPMU can now be downloaded here:

Viva7 Theme for WPMU can be downloaded here:

Both downloads come with a packaged executable Installer to make sure all your files are uploaded to the right place. Just add ftp info and GO! It’s a breeze!

Throughout November you can get both products at an amazing 25% off by entering the coupon code WPMU at checkout.

(NB - There is only one license type for WPMU donwloads as it is a multi use environment. All Viva MU releases come with the rights to use on Multiple sites.)

Totally Digging It! Wed, 29 Oct 2008 13:12:19 +0000 Tim A new must have plugin for anyone preparing for the new look WP 2.7 is the funk-abulous Leopard Admin from Teddy Hwang.

As we all wait for the (expected) November release of WP 2.7 - that promises to revitalize the Backend and Dashboard, adding a left side Menu bar - why not try out this plugin which does it for you. It really makes Wordpress feel Sexy!!

Emulate the Mac OS feel in your wordpress dashboard

Emulate the Mac OS feel in your wordpress dashboard

Other than CSS changes there are no alterations to the WP code and it’s a one click plugin install - but boy does it rock. I have added it to all my wordpress sites today and it’s like a breath of fresh air. (Plus is makes the Viva7 backend look even hotter!!)

Download it NOW! It’s free and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any Wordpress Aficionados.

Viva7 Gets A Makeover Sun, 31 Aug 2008 23:53:24 +0000 Tim Viva7 Gets A Makeover for V1.2

Viva7 Gets A Makeover for V1.2

The Final Version 1 release files of Viva7 have left the building and my week of burning the midnight (make that 4am) oil is hopefully over.

The new Viva7 is even smarter than ever. Visually each colour scheme has had a major makeover and includes new header images. And the back end… Well, what can I say   - it Rocks! Check out the screenshots at

So, bang on schedule Viva7 goes into Final Release and I am confident it is going to make many bloggers very happy! Magazine Themes without the code edits and custom fields. What more could you ask for?

Countdown to Viva7 1.2 Final Sat, 30 Aug 2008 04:42:31 +0000 Tim It's almost here - the latest and greatest Magazine Theme update EVER!!

Viva7 v1.2

Viva7 1.2 is almost out and while most of the front end fixes are minor housekeeping the new backend and file structure of Viva 7 v1.2 is actually such a major rewrite of the theme that it should have been released as v2.0.

As well as a totally transformed backend that neatly arranges the Theme Options under tabs and sub-tabs, v1.2 introduces a smart dashboard that enables you to quickly look up your Category and Post IDs when configuring the Homepage.

Adding extra sections is also a breeze now. If the 7 homepage sections (plus one optional sidebar content section via the V7 Content Widget) is not enough fo you then simply set some variables in a template file, save it to yout theme folder with a unique name and add the file name into yout Theme Options page. Done! A whole new section is added to your homepage with NO code editing!!

Event Management continues to improve with the new Events Page Template that allows you to create a dynamic Events page for your blog with nothing more than a little variable setting at the top of template files.

Every piece of the Sidebar is WIdget-ized now including the Quick Links, Adsense and Feedburner boxes, offering true sidebar customisation along with homepage customisation - ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THEME CODE. (Sorry, didn’t mean to shout - I am just so damn excited!!)

As if that’s not enough the new file structure has cut the loading time of the theme by 50% through intelligent querying and tiny file sizes.

Viva7 is growing up fast and we are confident that it is, without a doubt, the ‘Smartest’ Magazine Theme out there.

Version 1.2 is officially on release from September 1st. Exisiting users who would like an early release to test please email me or use the Contact Us page on this site.